Los Angeles Logistics 101: What You Should Know About 3PLs

Los Angeles Logistics

Deferring to someone else to handle your logistics operations can seem daunting. However, a 3PL company can provide your business with more than you may expect. When it comes to Los Angeles logistics, a 3PL company has the expertise to help you make the best decisions for your business. If you are on the fence about partnering with a 3PL, here are a few things you should know.


Things You Should Know About Full-Service Los Angeles Logistics Companies


They Take Care of the Details

An advantage to partnering with a full-service logistics company in Los Angeles, like Three Way Logistics, is that they can handle all of the details for you. From warehousing and order fulfillment to heavy machinery moving and freight forwarding, a logistics professional will take care of the ins and outs to ensure your assets are taken care of appropriately. You will have more time to focus on other vital areas of your business while the experts manage your logistics.


They Offer Multifaceted Experience

Some 3PL companies only contribute to part of their customer’s supply chain. However, a full-service logistics company can offer your business its expertise in various areas concerning logistics. Hiring multiple providers is unnecessary to keep your assets moving smoothly; everything is managed within one organization. For example, Three Way Logistics has dedicated teams every step of the way, from picking and packing orders to dedicated transport.


They Are Tailored to Serve Specific Industries

The logistics company in Los Angeles you partner with should be familiar with your industry to safely handle and ship your goods. As such, a full-service 3PL provider is tailored to specific industries. At Three Way, our experience in the technology, semiconductor, and medical industries sets us apart from other 3PL companies. We have maintained strong relationships with our clients in various industries by defining customer-specific standard operating procedures. These procedures ensure that even the most sensitive assets are appropriately moved.


They Have An Expansive Network

A full-service 3PL warehouse California has the professional relationships and infrastructure necessary for an expansive network. An expansive network offers you more capabilities when it comes to shipping your goods. The provider may provide freight options by air, sea, and specialized vehicles. Likewise, the expansive network allows goods to be shipped with varying priority levels, such as second-day and next flight out (NFO).


What is Offered at a 3PL


A Breakdown Of What Is Offered At A 3PL Warehouse California

At Three Way, we know that your logistics needs often go beyond one service, which is why we provide a range of services to our customers.


Warehousing and Order Fulfillment

Let our professionals take care of your goods, from when your customers place their order online to when it arrives at their doorstep. With our world-class warehouse management system (WMS) and dedicated inventory control teams, we keep track of your goods every step of the way.


Machinery Rigging and Moving

Moving heavy machinery involves a high degree of skill and expertise. Our teams are trained to move and rig your equipment that is heavy, sensitive, or difficult to maneuver. We provide support throughout the move, from removal to final delivery.


Freight Services

Getting your goods from one place to another requires careful planning and thorough communication. We offer our customers support throughout the journey of their shipment. Plus, we provide customized freight solutions, including linehaul and domestic forwarding, to meet the needs of each supply chain.


Discover Quality Service With Three Way Logistics

At Three Way Logistics, our services encompass multiple areas of our customers’ supply chains. As a dedicated 3PL warehouse California, we will handle your assets with a white-glove mentality. Our procedures are tailored to each customer to streamline the process and keep your business running smoothly. We have remained vigilant in providing high-quality services for over 60 years. If you would like to partner with us for your logistics needs, please reach out to us to begin your project.