Medical & Healthcare

Medical Devices & Equipment

Medical Devices & Equipment vary in size, sensitivity, and value. They also vary in what is required for distribution and transportation. For many devices, an industry standard must be followed and maintained, and a plan must often be created for each project. Three Way Logistics has the knowledge and training to follow industry-standard procedures. Likewise, we have the expertise to develop tailored logistics plans for projects outside the standard scope.


Pharmaceuticals are highly sensitive due to their monetary value, timely medical benefits to end-users, and risks tied to unsecure products. Therefore, pharmaceuticals demand special requirements when being transported or stored. Temperature control, constant monitoring, security procedures, and transparency are paramount. Three Way provides pharmaceutical logistics service with these requirements as a priority, working with each customer for a personalized service and process.


Biotechnology combines disciplines and technology from biology, physics, and chemistry. Because of this, biotech has various requirements and care throughout the logistics handling process. Three Way Logistics implements industry-standard procedures for transportation, distribution, and rigging. Our team also reviews standard procedures for each customer we work with and modifies them as needed for specification to the particular product. As such, Three Way provides a unique touch of service for our biotechnology customers.

Our Solutions

For Medical & Healthcare industries, Three Way is capable of offering our complete list of solutions:

  • Freight Management
  • Dedicated Transportation
  • Distribution & Fulfillment
  • Crating & Packing
  • Temperature & Humidity Control

Get more information on how your medical, pharmaceutical, and biotech equipment supply chain can benefit from working with us. Depending upon your equipment or product, your shipments can be sent by ground, air, or ocean freight. You can also have your products managed and distributed at a secure, climate- and temperature-controlled facility. Get all the support and tracking you need when delivering highly sensitive equipment. Call Three Way Logistics today to get more information.


“Industrial Craters and Packers has relied on 3-WAY for the last 2-3 years for its full load high cube trucking needs. The service has always been great and pricing is very competitive and reasonable. 3-WAY goes out of its way to make sure your freight reaches its destination on time even when last minute changes are made.”

— John Munchus, Operations Manager, Industrial Craters and Packers