Our Industries

Some industries require particular logistics features such as temperature and humidity controls, oversized crates, and specialized trailers. Three Way Logistics has worked with companies that require extra care since the 1970s, which is why we have established customer-specific standard operating procedures (SOPs).


Technological equipment is sensitive and easily damaged if the proper procedures are not followed. We understand the unique needs these industries have.


  • Aerospace
  • Commercial Lighting
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Defense Technology
  • Energy Equipment
  • Semiconductor
  • Telecommunications
  • Test & Measurement Equipment


The semiconductor industry demands extensive knowledge of the products for successful logistics. We have the expertise and capabilities to handle:


  • Chemicals
  • Capital Tools
  • Finished Goods
  • Raw Materials

Medical & Healthcare

Medical and healthcare items must be stored and transported carefully, monitoring temperature, calibration, and more. Fortunately, we specialize in medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and biotech logistics. We customize solutions for:


  • Freight Management
  • Dedicated Transportation
  • Distribution & Fulfillment
  • Kitting & Packing
  • Temperature & Humidity Control