Freight Management

Our Comprehensive Freight Services

Our solutions-focused attitude has made Three Way Logistics one of the leading freight companies in Los Angeles, all the way up to Seattle on the west coast, and down into Texas. Our​ freight management is a comprehensive class of services consisting of Domestic Forwarding and our asset-based Linehaul Service called Silicon Freightways.

Just like everything we offer, our services are not limited by our operational structure – they are strategically developed based on the solutions we customize for each customer’s supply chain. More simply, we offer tailored service with unmatched capabilities.


Domestic Forwarding

Three Way Logistics’ domestic forwarding division uses our supply chain expertise and focus on customer service to provide valuable shipping solutions from our logistics company in Los Angeles and other locations across the country. We offer tailored service depending on each of our customer’s supply chains, utilizing all transportation modes and priorities. This includes expedited freight for shipments with the most pressing needs.

While our team serves as our customers’ point of contact and their freight control tower, maintaining relationships with our freight forwarding providers allows us to offer superior service. We fully understand what our network partners can accommodate and when. We are continuously reviewing and meeting with our network suppliers. These partner relationships allow us to provide custom solutions with far-reaching capabilities.

Three Way Logistics’ comprehensive communication protocol is unmatched and used to keep services on track and allows us to efficiently resolve issues when a shipment gets held up. We can help you to understand why there is a delay, then provide options and constant updates. We offer these solutions by knowing our partners’ capacity, strengths, and any changes happening within the company.




2nd Day

Warehouse Support

Silicon Freightways: Linehaul Service

We aim to go above and beyond what is expected for freight companies in Los Angeles, Seattle, or Austin. Because of this, Three Way started a linehaul service – Silicon Freightways. It launched in 2021 for door-to-door shipments that guaranteed the time and date of service. Based in the west coast and the southwest United States, Silicon Freightways offers a white-glove mentality, and our operators are trained to handle high-tech equipment and systems.

Silicon Freightways was developed to supplement existing supply chains within the semiconductor industry. Current domestic transportation solutions within the semiconductor industry are primarily dedicated contracts and/or forwarder based. Silicon Freightways was created to “fill the need” for overflow freight when dedicated capacity is limited and/or when dedicated schedules do not match clients’ immediate needs. In addition, the current line haul capacity available to forwarders, whether their own network or a 3rd party, is not geared to the specific lane(s) and handling requirements of the semiconductor industry.


  • Customized Linehaul Service for Semiconductor Manufacturing.
  • Pickup upon release from manufacturer
  • No driver reposition or deadhead fees

Our service locations include our logistics company in Los Angeles, DFW, AUS, PHX, SFO, and PDX.


“Three Way’s service does not end with a successful bid, leadership is on site during the job and each and every individual on their crew are exceptionally friendly and professional. I recommend them to all my colleagues in the manufacturing industries.”

— Robert Wendt, VP of Process Engineering, Silva Power