What We Do

The semiconductor industry designs and manufactures devices such as integrated circuits and transistors. These electronic devices support technology and products across most other industries. The importance of this industry’s supply chain is not just for individual companies’ bottom lines but also for the security of commercial, consumer, and government devices. Three Way Logistics has a long history of involvement with semiconductors through transportation, distribution, and specialized logistics. In fact, our tailored logistics service was founded based on our work with the semiconductor industry.

We provide comprehensive service options for the semiconductor industry. This includes services such as:


  • Warehousing
  • Transportation
  • Rigging; Machinery Moving
  • Tradeshow Shipping

Product Knowledge


Three Way provides domestic chemical transportation for several semiconductor companies, from shipper to final destination. We have hazmat-certified drivers and operational staff, allowing us to handle corrosive, flammable, tanker-endorsed loads (totes) and drums. Whether freight requires reefers or dry vans, Three Way can provide the proper equipment for your chemical transportation needs.

Capital Tools

Three Way has over 20 years of experience handling and transporting capital tools. Most tools have special requirements for transportation, such as climate-controlled trailers, vibration sensitivity, shock watches, and tip n tells. Our drivers are familiar with this commodity and understand the importance of loading and securing the freight properly.

Finished Goods

Three Way Logistics has handled finished goods and products for over 25 years. We utilize SOPs (standard operating procedures) to ensure that we align with customer expectations and that proper handling takes place. Whether the product needs to be stored, expedited to the airport, or delivered to the company, Three Way can provide the solution you need.

Raw Materials

Three Way Logistics also has extensive experience with raw materials that haven’t been manufactured into finished goods. We provide transportation for suppliers, along with warehousing and storage for semiconductor companies. Our team has the knowledge and awareness required for this type of material.

Project Management

In addition to preparing and managing deliveries, our project managers also control budgeting and plan for unexpected obstacles. Project managers possess an in-depth understanding of semiconductor manufacturing from fabrication to the final delivery.


Freight Management Services Specific to the Semiconductor Industry

For the Semiconductor industry, Three Way offers our complete list of solutions:

  • Crating & Packing
  • Dedicated Transportation
  • Distribution & Fulfillment
  • Freight Management
  • Rigging and Machinery Moving
  • Silicon Freightways
  • Temperature & Humidity Control

Reach out to us to discover how your logistics project can benefit from working with us. Receive the support and custom logistics you need when handling highly sensitive equipment. Contact Three Way Logistics today to get started.


Specialized Trailers

  • High Cube Vans
  • Climate Controlled
  • Conestoga; Soft Side
  • Flatbeds; Drop Decks

Silicon Freightways

Silicon Freightways is our enhanced service that connects the west coast to Texas. We provide scheduled, time-definite service, specializing in white-glove care for semiconductor equipment and other high-value products. Our door-to-door service provides transportation to and from the western states and Texas, including gateway facilities at major hubs and airports such as SFO, LAX, AUS, and DFW.

Three Way receives “LSP of the Year” award from Samsung SDS two years in a row.