Distribution & Fulfillment

Industry Leaders

Three Way Logistics is an industry leader in providing high-quality & configurable distribution and supply chain services. With over 15 facilities throughout the US, our warehouses perform superior distribution and order fulfillment services. We are dedicated to providing our customers with exceptional support throughout fluctuating supply chains.


Three Way works hard to enhance the supply chain solutions we provide to our customers. We are more than heavy equipment movers Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, or Austin. We work with each client to develop documented processes before a distribution project with a customer begins. This ensures that our solution is tailored to their needs.

We understand that supply chains continue to change, and customer demands do not stay the same. Three Way Logistics is proactive in making changes to our processes. Our solution-driven services allow us to be flexible in dynamic distribution environments, such as a distribution partner in Portland, fulfillment management in Austin, or comprehensive Los Angeles logistics.



We recognize that order fulfillment involves more than just processing sales to customer specifications. Proficient receiving, processing, and shipping procedures are all important aspects of order fulfillment. Three Way Logistics creates customer-specific SOPs to ensure that each step of the process is completed correctly. From picking and packing in Austin to heavy equipment movers Los Angeles, our team utilizes our innovative warehouse management system to ensure accuracy and efficiency.

Order Fulfillment Services:

As a Los Angeles logistics company, Texan rigging team, and West Coast dedicated transportation solutions provider, Three Way aims to provide the highest level of service to every customer. We bring our expertise and innovation to every step of our order fulfillment services; this includes:

Optimized Receiving Process

Packing & Shipping

Reverse Logistics & Returns

Inventory Management

We recognize that​ inventory management and optimization are more than just counting. Inventory management is a crucial part of the order fulfillment process, so our team is committed to maintaining your goods with precision and accuracy.

An Inventory Control (IC) team is in place at every facility to manage inventory. Warehouse storage locations are audited regularly, and all inventory discrepancies are identified, root-caused, and reconciled. Location audits and cycle counts are customized based on each customer’s needs.

Our experts are skilled in inventory management and dedicated to facilitating the entire stocking, reordering, and systems-configuration processes. Three Way’s Warehouse Management System (WMS) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) integration ensure that the correct inventory levels are stocked and delivered when and where it needs to be.



Three Way operates with a world-class Warehouse Management System (WMS). Our WMS offers real-time inventory data with a dedicated customer portal. Our web-based portal provides 24/7 visibility to inventory information.

We can integrate with our customer’s CRM so that the product and customer databases do not need to be managed separately. This integration provides maximum efficiency as it minimizes errors and speeds up productivity.


“We successfully created a partnership with 3-Way to be an extension of our warehouse to flexibly expand and contract with business needs and deliver a total solution. The service levels and planning function allowed offsite managed inventory to work efficiently and effectively as if all materials for the manufacturing organization were held at the point of assembly real time.”

— Ebin Waters, Director of Operations & Supply Chain, Primus Power