About Us

Your Needs;

Our Solutions

Our solutions, creativity, and tailored logistics are what stand out.

Headquartered in Northern California, Three Way Logistics is a full-service logistics company creating US domestic supply chain solutions for customers around the globe. With 18 locations throughout the United States, Three Way is continuing to expand so we can better serve our customers’ needs.

Our Founders

How It All Started

Three Way Logistics began as a furniture delivery company in San Francisco in 1954. In fact, our name originates from the “three ways” you can drive from SFO. Our logo embodies this; the compass rose has three points, North, East, and South.

In the 1970s, Three Way Logistics relocated to Sunnyvale to service the start of the high-tech industry, creating long-term relationships with companies that are still operating today.

For some time, we worked primarily with semiconductor and high-tech companies. We quickly became the experts in logistics in the industry. We began to help logistics managers and manufacturing executives shape and execute their supply chain goals. When we expanded to work with other manufacturers and industries, we realized our core strength; creating handcrafted solutions. From tenured executives to new employees, we continue to develop a culture of solutions.

What We Do Today

We have extended our solutions cultures to other industries and companies that have unique supply chains. Over the years, Three Way has evolved into a dynamic logistics company offering single-platform solutions for transportation, rigging, and warehousing services. We are reshaping the business of logistics for customers who create electric vehicles, advanced medical devices, modern energy equipment, and beyond.