Tradeshow & Events

What We Do

Tradeshow & Events Shipping refers to the process of getting your tradeshow goods and displays to their proper destination safely and on time. We designed our service around customer service and communication, providing valuable options and constant updates, whether shipping by land, air, or sea.

Find Peace of Mind

Three Way Logistics specialists have the skills necessary to help your tradeshow experience go over smoothly every time. In addition to our standard tradeshow shipping services, we can also offer custom services for you. We provide the following services for domestic and international tradeshows:

  • Comprehensive planning
  • On-site representation
  • Paperwork processing services
  • Point-to-point tracking and control
  • Reliable 24/7 live support
  • Shipment accountability
  • Storage and return service

We offer peace of mind because your business is an extension of our own. Three Way will do everything in our power to ensure that your experience is stress-free and you feel like a part of the family.


Domestic Shipping

Choosing Three Way Tradeshows, you will get competitive pricing, on-time shipping, and 24/7 customer service. We have over 60 years of experience helping our clients find the best full truckload (FTL), LTL, hotshot exclusive, consolidation, and storage options. We achieve this by understanding what is and is not necessary for a successful tradeshow shipment.

Three Way’s domestic shipping professionals will help check with exhibition contacts on the availability of a warehouse to ship your freight weeks in advance and will also coordinate shipments shipping from one show to the next. Our Tradeshow division has the understanding and experience to provide all the information you need to ship your booth.



60 Years of Experience

24/7 Customer Service

Custom Services

International Shipping

Our international shipping professionals provide expertise and knowledge when it comes to shipping air, ocean, or ground. Our network includes custom brokers who understand the customs requirements necessary to get your goods through on time and without issue. Three Way’s International logistics professionals will walk you through the process, including what to expect and what documentation needs to be submitted. They can also advocate with customs officials on your behalf.

Three Way Logistics is a member of IELA and is committed to operational excellence.

The International Exhibition Logistics Association (IELA) is the global industry network that provides top-quality performance and expertise for your exhibition logistics needs.

Domestic Freight Forwarding

Three Way Logistics domestic forwarding uses our supply chain expertise, customer service focus shipping, and customer services to provide timely shipping solutions. Our U.S. freight shipping service offers solutions for all transportation modes and priorities.

Maintaining satisfying relationships with our freight forwarding providers allows us to offer priority services and better understand what our network partners can accommodate and when. Our relationship with our partners makes the difference in providing Three Way Logistics as an around-the-clock operation.

We work tirelessly to provide valuable updates throughout your shipment. From quote requests and delays to delivery confirmation, our logistics support team never hesitates to offer timely alternatives and solutions when needed.


“We have partnered with Three Way Logistics for 10 years now. From tradeshows to urgent last-minute shipments, and more – Three Way has always come thru for our company needs. Not only have they given us great customer service, but they follow up on each one of our shipments, making us feel like a top priority. We truly value the Three Way team and everything they bring to the table.”

—Senior Project Manager, Exhibit Options