Are Carrier Networks Important When It Comes to Your 3PL California?

3PL California

When it comes to shipping your goods, it is always better to have the process run as smoothly as possible to avoid any costly errors. Working with an experienced 3PL California can help streamline your logistics operations so your customers can receive their shipments safely and on time. One of the most integral components that contribute to the success of a 3PL company is the size and strength of its carrier network.


3PL California Basics: What is a Carrier Network?

A carrier network is a collaborative partnership between 3PLs and carriers to ship goods seamlessly from one location to another. The more expansive the carrier network a logistics company in Los Angeles has, the more shipping capabilities available to your business. A carrier network often consists of multiple modes of transportation – including air and sea – to get the shipments to their final destination in a timely manner.


The Different Components of the Shipping Process

Many believe that the logistics company ships the goods; however, this is not always the case. Most 3PL companies outsource to carrier companies due to a lack of infrastructure. While carriers are outsourced to ship goods from one location to another, they typically do not manage the shipment in any way. This management comes from a freight forwarder.

Freight forwarders are the go-between carriers and customers. Freight forwarders handle all the small details regarding the shipment, from paperwork and insurance to closely tracking your shipments.

A 3PL in Los Angeles has a broader range of services than a carrier or freight forwarder. Logistics companies like Three Way Logistics may have forwarding and carrier capabilities, as well as distribution and warehousing services. 3PL companies are more of a full-service organization, handling some, if not all, of the supply chain needs for a customer.


How Your Business Benefits from a 3PL California’s Expansive Carrier Network

An expansive carrier network is incredibly beneficial to your business. When your logistics company in Los Angeles has strong connections with good carriers, you gain access to areas that previously seemed out of reach. Your goods can be shipped anywhere within the capabilities of the carriers, which may extend across the country and even the globe. Depending on the carriers, you may also have access to various modes of transportation, including air freight, climate-controlled vehicles, and more. Your business will reach more customers effectively and see growth as a result.


Why Choose Three Way Logistics?

At Three Way, we have established partnerships with our carriers to meet the unique needs of our customers’ supply chains. We have extensive knowledge of what our carriers can accommodate by maintaining an open line of communication. Our standard of communication allows us to promptly inform our customers of any delays and quickly find solutions. When you partner with us, you can be confident that your shipment is in the best hands from the time an order is placed to final delivery.

The stresses that come with shipping within greater distances are also taken care of when you partner with a 3PL company like Three Way Logistics. Our domestic forwarding division irons out the details of your domestic shipment. You no longer have to worry about handling shipping delays; our experienced team will take care of it on your behalf.


What About Linehaul Services?

At Three Way Logistics, we established our own linehaul service called Silicon Freightways. Silicon Freightways extends beyond Los Angeles to Dallas, Austin, Phoenix, San Francisco, and Portland. This division allows our team to deliver specialized semiconductor goods from one city to another. Our linehaul service meets the needs of overflow freight or when other transportation solutions cannot accommodate the schedule of our customers.

If you would like to begin a partnership with our team at Three Way Logistics, please reach out to us. As a 3PL in Los Angeles, we look forward to helping your business expand its reach through our tailored logistics solutions.