Innovative Technology Used by Freight Companies in Los Angeles

Freight Companies in Los Angeles

Utilizing technology is essential for freight companies in Los Angeles to keep up with growing customer demands and fluctuating supply chains. Companies are investing in automation, data analytics, and more to streamline their services and reduce errors. By partnering with a freight company using advanced technology in their operations, your supply chain will reap the benefits.


What Technology Is Being Used by Freight Companies in Los Angeles?

Every logistics company is different. However, here are some common technologies currently being used in Los Angeles logistics.



Automation is groundbreaking for modern freight companies. Through utilizing automation, a 3PL can increase the efficiency of various operations. There are fewer human errors, which speeds up the shipping process. For example, a 3PL in Los Angeles might use automation to create invoices and print shipping labels at a faster rate and with fewer mistakes. Likewise, automation can help 3PLs plan shipments more accurately so customers can receive them on time. These systems consider various factors, such as weight, height, and destination, to schedule deliveries appropriately.


Inventory Management Systems

Warehouses may contain thousands of goods, so organizing and managing each item is crucial to keep things running smoothly. By using state-of-the-art inventory management systems, logistics professionals can manage inventory with greater ease and increased accuracy. These systems show real-time data about stock levels, pricing information, and the location of the goods within the warehouse. This data also prevents costly mishaps, such as low or no supply and excess inventory.


Advanced Freight Tracking

Customers expect most freight companies in Los Angeles to offer shipment tracking. These systems allow customers to receive real-time updates on the locations of their shipments. Likewise, freight companies can better anticipate delays or other issues with the shipment and resolve them more efficiently. Advanced tracking systems not only improve the movement of the supply chain but also increase customer satisfaction.


Up and Coming Technologies in the Logistics Industry

Technology is quickly advancing in the Los Angeles logistics industry. As these advancements are becoming more commonplace at 3PLs across the globe, others are set to transform the industry in the coming years. You can expect to see more up-and-coming technologies influencing the logistics industry, such as:


Woman logging in to warehouse management system on laptop


How Does a 3PL in Los Angeles Benefit from Innovative Technology?

A 3PL company can expect various benefits from utilizing these technologies in their operations. The advantages to increasing the use of technology include:

  • Enhancing customer experiences
  • Increasing efficiency
  • Fewer logistical errors
  • Cutting costs

In addition to these benefits, incorporating technology into logistical operations can keep a freight company on the playing field with competitors. Customers want the advantages that these innovations provide, so many companies have integrated these systems into their operations.


Innovative Technologies at Three Way Logistics

At Three Way Logistics, we use world-class technology to improve your supply chain at every step. We improve our processes to provide our customers with efficient solutions customized to their needs and industry. At our facilities, some of the technology we utilize includes:

  • Tier 1 transportation management technology to give our customers and staff increased visibility and successful route planning.
  • Warehouse management systems to provide data on inventory locations, stock levels, and more in real-time.

Alongside advanced technology, our relationships with our staff and carriers help us to provide unmatched customer service and tailored solutions. We combine new technology with long-established expertise to help our customers succeed.


Partner with Us at Three Way Logistics

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