How a 3PL Warehouse California Can Benefit Your Company

3PL Warehouse California

If you need assistance reaching your business’s logistics goals, consider partnering with a third-party logistics provider (3PL). When you work with a 3PL in Los Angeles, the provider will utilize their experience, resources, and expertise regarding transportation, shipping, distribution, and warehousing to increase the overall efficiency of your organization.


When Does My Business Need 3PL California Services?

Many organizations seek out the help of a 3PL during periods of rapid growth, as their previous distribution methods are no longer adequate. For your own business, it can be beneficial to start working with a 3PL if:

  • You experience a seasonal spike in business. If interest in your products regularly increases based on the time of year, try to meet with a 3PL three to four months before the expected spike. The experts can then help you streamline your processes so you can handle the influx.
  • You are fulfilling more orders than previously. If your business has grown, a 3PL can help you create the infrastructure needed to sustain that growth. 3PL services may allow you to further increase the volume of orders you can manage and create the margin needed for premium shipping.
  • Your business needs more warehouse space. Storage is necessary for order fulfillment, but space is expensive. When you partner with logistics professionals, you can gain access to a 3PL warehouse California, among other facilities. Additionally, this space is flexible, so you can adjust the room you take up as needed.

While any 3PL service can benefit your business and promote overall growth, warehousing services have some unique advantages.


6 Benefits of Using a 3PL Warehouse California


1. Storage Space

These locations give you an effective way to hold and keep track of your products. This includes bulk products, such as seasonal items, that may be overlooked until they are needed.


2. Easy Distribution

With 3PL warehousing, you will not have to worry about getting your items from Point A to Point B. Products in warehouses can be easily transported across the country or the world


3. Inventory Management

Most 3PLs have warehouse management systems in place. This will help you keep an accurate record of the products you have available and their exact locations across the country.


4. Productivity

While there are many warehousing options, it is especially beneficial to use 3PL California facilities. Because the 3PL stores and distributes the items, it can help all shipping processes go smoothly.


5. Security

Reliable logistics professionals aim to promote the long-term success of their customers; as such, they take security very seriously. All of your products kept in the warehouse will be kept safe and secure.


6. Customer Satisfaction

These benefits do more than help your business; they also help your customers. Because your processes are more streamlined, people get their products in the best possible timeframe.


3PL in Los Angeles and Beyond with Three Way Logistics

When it comes to distribution and supply chain services, Three Way Logistics’ focus on quality, consistency, and ingenuity has made us an industry leader. Our 15 warehouse facilities across the country allow us to provide superior distribution and order fulfillment services for each client.

To ensure customer satisfaction, the inventory at each facility is managed and maintained by a specialized Inventory Control team. These experts utilize their experience, industry knowledge, and our innovative warehouse management system to ensure overall accuracy and efficiency.

To learn more about partnering with Three Way Logistics, please contact us.