What Is the Difference Between Machinery Movers and Machinery Riggers Near Me?

Machinery Riggers Near Me

Moving heavy machinery requires immense skill and expertise to do the job correctly. A 3PL company may have machinery movers and machinery riggers near me with in-depth knowledge of the best practices for safely moving heavy and sensitive equipment.

Both machinery riggers and movers are essential to move sensitive assets from specialized industries like semiconductor and aerospace. If you are looking to hire professional machinery riggers and movers, it is best to have an understanding of how these two jobs are different and how they work together for the success of a project.


Machinery Riggers vs. Movers: What’s the Difference at a 3PL California?

Machinery riggers and movers work hand-in-hand for many machinery moving companies. However, they differ in how they contribute to heavy machinery moving projects.


Machinery Riggers

Machinery riggers are professionals who are skilled in the movement, maneuvering, and placement of large objects. Machinery riggers focus on the overall efficiency and safety of moving large assets with specialized equipment like forklifts, flatbeds, and drop decks. They must use creativity and immense skill to determine the best way to lift large objects and fit them within a specific space.


Machinery Movers

Alongside machinery riggers, machinery movers provide a level of skill essential to a 3PL California. Machinery movers have the same job as machinery riggers but are more technically inclined. Machinery movers know precisely how to assemble, level, and erect various large assets. They have in-depth knowledge and training for moving specialized heavy equipment.


What Duties Do Machinery Movers and Machinery Riggers Share?

Although there are differences in some aspects of each job, machinery riggers and movers share many crucial tasks, including:

  • Knowing how to use moving and rigging equipment appropriately
  • Connecting ropes and cables securely to the load
  • Identifying potential hazards and creating effective solutions for a safe move
  • Examining the dimensions and weight of the load to determine the ideal equipment to get the job done safely
  • Communicating with others using verbal and hand signals

The execution of these tasks, as well as many others, by machinery movers and machinery riggers near me ensures that sensitive and heavy-duty equipment is moved with the best practices in mind.


What Industries Do Machinery Companies Serve?

Machinery riggers and movers can benefit multiple industries that utilize large and sensitive equipment. As such, Three Way Logistics serves many industries through our heavy machinery moving services, including the aerospace, medical, technology, and semiconductor industries. Our specialized moving and rigging teams customize solutions for each customer to meet the needs of every project. We offer comprehensive services for our customers, providing expertise from the initial move to the final delivery.


Partner with the Best in Machinery Moving and Rigging

At Three Way Logistics, we have set the standard for safe and reliable machinery moving and rigging. Our tailored solutions have set us apart from other machinery moving companies for over 60 years. Alongside machinery moving and rigging, we also offer dedicated crating and transportation services to meet the needs of our customers. Please reach out to partner with us for your machinery moving needs.