What Do Heavy Equipment Movers Los Angeles Specialize in?

Heavy Equipment Movers Los Angeles

Heavy equipment movers do so much more than residential movers. They provide specialized services for specific industries and equipment. Any logistics company in Los Angeles or beyond requires well-trained machinery rigging and equipment movers to be successful. While each company provides unique services, heavy equipment movers do have common areas of expertise.


Heavy Equipment Movers and Machinery Riggers Near Me

Heavy equipment movers Los Angeles must have expertise in the equipment and machinery regarding packing, storage, transportation, and delivery. This knowledge aids them in collaborating with the other team members to develop customized plans for each client, ensuring the safety of each employee along with the items being transported.

Equipment moving, machinery rigging, and crating go hand-in-hand. At Three Way Logistics, our teams come together to provide tailored solutions for the various industries we serve. For example, technological equipment, medical equipment, and semiconductors have unique needs, so we have customer-specific standard operating procedures (SOPs) for each industry. Established in the 1970s, we have maintained the highest standards for decades.



Crating for a logistics company in Los Angeles is essential to a smooth moving process. It demands choosing support such as anti-shock skids, moisture protection, and treated wood. At Three Way, we build every crate to the required specifications each client requires.



Rigging is essentially the act of securing and moving heavy objects using machinery such as electric forklifts, cranes, etc. The rigging plan at Three Way Logistics is always customized based on the sensitivity of each item being moved and the standard operating procedures. Heavy equipment movers Los Angeles and rigging specialists are highly-skilled professionals who are capable of recognizing what the item needs and the necessary moving equipment based on the load radius, maximum angle capability, boom length, etc. All of this information is essential to maintaining balance while moving the equipment to a warehouse or Preparing it for transport.



As with every other aspect of machinery moving, transportation requires knowledgeable movers who recognize which type of equipment is necessary and how to load it in a way that keeps items safe during their move. At Three Way Logistics, we have our own fleet with specialized equipment that includes flatbeds, conestogas, high cubes, and climate trailers.


Why Choose Three Way Logistics, Inc?

If you are looking for equipment movers or machinery riggers near me, why not go with a company that has over 60 years in the industry and 18 locations throughout the west coast and Texas? Not only do we provide custom rigging, crating, warehouse support, and transportation support, but we also remain flexible should there be last-minute changes to the established plan.

If you have any questions about our 3PL logistics service solutions, please feel free to contact us. As an asset-based group with integrated services, our team has the skill and experience necessary for your project to run smoothly. We would be happy to assist you regardless of whether you are making a purchase, selling an item, moving equipment, or disposing of worn-out machinery.