Safe Skating: Using Machine Skates for a Better Move

Skates with Two Workers

In the world of heavy machinery, rigging is a critical process in moving equipment from one location to another. The rigging process involves using various tools and equipment, including skates. Skates, also known as machine skates, are designed to help move heavy machinery and equipment with ease. In this article, we will take a closer look at what skates are, how they work, and their purpose, and provide some notes on specialty skates such as air-skates.


What are Machine Skates?

Machine skates are devices that are used to move heavy machinery and equipment. They are made up of a platform with four wheels or rollers that can support a significant amount of weight. They are designed to be attached to the equipment or machinery being moved, allowing them to be easily pushed or pulled along a surface.


How Do Machine Skates Work?

Machine skates work on the principle of low-friction rolling. The skates are placed underneath the equipment or machinery to be moved, and the equipment is then lifted slightly off the ground using jacks or other lifting equipment. Once the equipment is raised, the skates can be used to roll the equipment along a surface with minimal resistance. The low-friction rolling is possible using high-quality bearings and specially designed wheels or rollers.


Skates with Three Workers


What is the Purpose of Machine Skates?

The primary purpose of machine skates is to move heavy machinery and equipment easier and safer. Skates allow equipment to be moved with minimal effort and strain, reducing the risk of injury to the riggers and damage to the equipment. They are particularly useful in situations where the machinery or equipment needs to be moved short distances or in confined spaces where other equipment cannot be used.


Specialty Skates: Air-Skates

Air-skates, also known as air casters, are a type of machine skate that uses compressed air to lift and move heavy equipment. Unlike traditional machine skates that rely on bearings and rollers, air-skates use air bearings to float the equipment above the ground. This makes it possible to move extremely heavy equipment with minimal effort and reduces the risk of damage to the floor or ground surface.


Skates on Truck



Machine skates are a critical tool in rigging, allowing heavy machinery and equipment to be moved easily and safely. They work on the principle of low-friction rolling and are designed to support a significant amount of weight. Specialty skates, including air-skates, provide additional benefits, such as moving extremely heavy equipment with minimal effort. When using skates, it is essential to ensure that they are properly maintained, inspected, and used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure maximum safety and efficiency.