Ready, Set, Trade Show! The Resurgence of Trade Shows.

The Resurgence of Tradeshows

It is exciting to see the return of trade shows. After years of waiting, the industry is ready to make these events happen again. Since meeting in person is still the most successful way to do business, trade shows have tremendous value. You observe products in action at a trade show, network with others, and discover the latest trends.

Why Attend a Trade Show, You Ask?

Not only do trades hows provide opportunities to learn, network, and discover products, but they also help you sell your product! A trade show is an investment of both time and money for most companies. Shipping products to the show site can be costly, and you need staff to operate your display. The benefits of attending a trade show, such as industry knowledge, competitive insight, and direct sales, are advantageous.If you are new to trade shows, you can expect to see rows of booths set up by different companies. You can also attend educational sessions, meet with other attendees, and enjoy networking events.

Trade shows usually occur at large convention centers, like the Las Vegas Convention center. They may also be called trade fairs. Trade fairs provide an excellent opportunity for sellers, potential buyers, or the general public to meet suppliers and view their displays.

With major domestic and international trade shows happening again, attendee participation will grow over the next few years as convention centers open back up. This is good news for businesses that rely on trade shows to generate leads and organizations looking to expand their business.

Learn About the Latest Trends in Your Industry

Beyond selling your product or service at a trade show, you can learn about the latest industry trends from experts in the field through information sessions and workshops. This information will give you valuable insight into your industry. They are also an excellent way to stay up-to-date on the latest developments and learn what your competitors are doing, allowing you to make better decisions about your products and services.

Insights on Competition

There is nothing wrong with collecting a little intel on the competition. In fact, you should! You can quickly see what your competitors are up to at a trade show and get an idea of their strategies for the future. You can also learn about new products or services they’re offering. This information can be helpful as you plan your marketing strategy and new product offerings.

A trade show is also an excellent place to start your search if you’re looking for new suppliers. You can meet with various suppliers, compare their products and services, and get quotes.

Build Business Relationships

It is easy to consider doing business online and never meet in person. There is, however, still value in face-to-face interactions. Trade shows allow you to grow relationships with your current customers and meet new people. These interactions can lead to solid supplier relationships, new or better customers, and referrals.

Why Work With a Trade Show Logistics Company, You Ask?

There are four reasons why it is more effective for a company to use trade show logistics as a resource. Generally, it comes down to the idea that the companies showcasing their booths provide an ROI on their time at each show. Every booth operator needs to concentrate on promoting their brand & products, growing contacts, and generating leads.


Each trade show develops its own fingerprint for inbound and outbound logistics requirements. Does the show utilize a forward warehouse or go directly to the convention center? What is the earliest time a booth can arrive? Where is the delivery staging area? Is it the same for pickup? Where do I find the show contacts for potential problems? What is the best transportation company to use for each location, and have they delivered to a tradeshow before?

These are just a few questions that need answers for each show. As many of you know from experience, it can be challenging to find the correct answer. Sometimes you can be given conflicting answers. A trade show logistics service knows these answers through experience and relationships with the show site. Working the same shows and locations gives these providers the necessary expertise and insight.


Every show is different, even when run by the same organization for the same industry and location. None will be the same as those before it. New problems, people, and changing circumstances affect each one. This is why trade show logistics companies (such as Three Way Logistics!) have 24/7 contact that will assist you in sorting out any situation. We will have reps on site for many of the largest shows for our customers. The ability to advocate for customers is a coveted differentiator for many teams. Leveraging our contacts and expertise to support each customer is a proven value.


When several customers go to the exact locations for the same shows over and over, we create efficiencies a stand-alone business cannot replicate. Even if an individual or company team promoting a booth has the expertise to plan appropriately, execute & problem-solve a trade show, they cannot leverage a group of companies for cost efficiency. A full-time trade show logistics provider can leverage their customer base for better rates and to more efficiently fill trailers already working at a trade show.


Everything comes down to allowing you to focus. The essential objective for a trade show is to achieve your goals—promotion, branding, relationships, leads, and sales. For maximum profitability, the promoting team needs to plan, execute, and follow up on each trade show. The focus needs to stay on marketing and sales for the event. It is vital to focus on your goals; allow a company like Three Way’s trade show group to handle the logistics.

Strengthen Your Business

As we face new challenges, the trade show industry is finding strategic ways to meet the needs of businesses. Trade shows offer fantastic value and are still one of the best ways to identify products and solutions that can grow your business. The number of contacts and opportunities you gain from attending a trade show is astounding. Promoting with an event booth is an excellent option for companies looking to exhibit their goods or services. Get creative with your space to showcase your product, service, and brand.

You can always rely on the Three Way Logistics tradeshow division if you need help with the shipping logistics to get your freight and booth materials to the show. Our expertise and 24/7 customer service are unmatched.