Los Angeles Logistics for the Healthcare Industry

Los Angeles Logistics

Logistics operations are an integral part of any business, regardless of size or industry. Partnering with a quality 3PL in Los Angeles can ensure that your distribution and transportation needs are met. This can be especially beneficial if you are in the healthcare industry, as shipping medical equipment requires specialized care and diligent communication so medical providers can deliver quality patient care.


Why the Healthcare Industry Needs Specialized Logistics

The healthcare industry is complex, and the Los Angeles logistics solutions needed to transport medical equipment are no different. Because medical equipment varies in size, sensitivity, and value, industry standards and regulations must be upheld during moving, packing, and shipment. Of course, the goal is to deliver the goods safely and efficiently. However, there are other elements that the industry may require to ship medical equipment and goods, including:

  • Temperature and humidity control
  • Specialized security procedures
  • Shipment tracking
  • Accurate labeling

An experienced logistics company in Los Angeles, such as Three Way Logistics, will have the training and knowledge necessary to adhere to the healthcare industry standards and develop plans for specialized projects.


Tailored Logistics for the Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry, including biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, can benefit significantly from customized logistics services. Utilizing customized solutions, a logistics company can provide the equipment and inventory necessary to improve patient medical outcomes.


Custom Crating and Packing

Medical, biotech, and pharmaceutical equipment vary in weight, dimensions, and value. As such, the equipment should be packaged with the utmost care. At Three Way Logistics, our crating team can package your equipment in crates with heat-treated wood, moisture protection, and anti-shock skids. Our team can also use cushion crates and a floating deck to minimize vibrations that can damage sensitive equipment.


Climate Control

Specific medical equipment, devices, and other goods, such as those in the pharmaceutical sector, come with a high risk if delivered inappropriately. As such, a specialized Los Angeles Logistics company will utilize temperature- and humidity-controlled vehicles to ship goods at the industry standards. The equipment will arrive at their destination safely and will be used to benefit healthcare professionals and their patients.



Specialized medical goods and equipment cannot be stored in a cramped, stuffy warehouse. Maintaining highly sensitive equipment requires a white-glove approach to warehousing. At Three Way, our warehouses are climate-controlled and secure, so your goods are stored in the appropriate climate and monitored carefully. With our world-class warehouse management system, our warehouse team can also provide our clients with real-time inventory data for constant visibility.


Specialized Rigging

Heavy and sensitive medical devices pose several risks when moved without proper care. As a 3PL in Los Angeles, our team at Three Way is experienced in moving medical equipment in and out of facilities. We also provide domestic and international project support, delivering quality service wherever your equipment is needed.


Discover Custom Healthcare Logistics with Three Way

As a logistics company in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, and Texas, we are dedicated to providing customized solutions for those in the healthcare industry. Our team is experienced in all areas of logistics for sensitive and valuable healthcare equipment, from packing and crating to shipment and delivery. Please reach out if you want to learn how your medical supply chain can benefit from our services.