Is Insurance Necessary When Working with Heavy Equipment Movers Los Angeles?

Heavy Equipment Movers Los Angeles

Heavy equipment movers Los Angeles are professionals who relocate sizable machinery and equipment from one location to another. By partnering with a reliable team with experience in your industry, you can know that your cargo will be moved with the utmost precision and care.

It is essential to recognize that, even when every precaution is taken and all practices are followed precisely, there is a risk that something could go wrong when transporting cargo, such as damage or theft. As such, quality insurance can be a worthwhile investment.


What to Know About Insurance when Moving Equipment with a 3PL in Los Angeles

Like many other industries that your business may partner with, moving companies and third-party logistics providers have different requirements regarding insurance policies. Some may require expansive policies from a specific insurance provider, while others offer more leeway. As such, before moving your heavy equipment to a new 3PL warehouse California, it is helpful to have a thorough understanding of the 3PL provider’s insurance options and requirements.

In addition to learning the requirements of the moving company or 3PL in Los Angeles that you partner with, it helps to have a basis of knowledge about the types of insurance that could be involved in the heavy equipment moving process. These policies could include:


General Liability Insurance

This policy covers any bodily injuries or property damage caused by negligence on the part of the movers. While reliable 3PL providers with experienced moving teams have procedures to ensure no such negligence occurs, this insurance is often still worth investing in, for at least the peace of mind on your side.

You should note that general liability insurance does not cover damages caused by acts of God. As such, the policy will not handle damage caused by any events outside of human control or activity, such as earthquakes, floods, or other natural disasters.


Riggers Insurance

Also known as cargo insurance, this policy protects the specific heavy equipment being moved. Because the purpose of this business partnership is to relocate said equipment, it should be properly covered. There are various types of this insurance, so the ideal policy will depend on your transportation plan.

Motor truck insurance covers vehicles that transport cargo over land. The policy covers common risks associated with land freight shipping, such as theft or collision damage. Marine cargo insurance covers overseas shipments by ocean or air. The policy covers various hazards that could affect boats or planes, such as loading damage, weather, or accidents.


Automotive Insurance

In addition to covering the cargo, it is important to cover the machinery moving it. An automotive insurance policy should cover all of the industrial-sized moving vehicles used to relocate the heavy equipment.


Workers’ Compensation

This policy should be in place to protect the workers moving the cargo. While reliable 3PLs have practices and procedures in place to ensure the safety of workers, they recognize that having a workers’ compensation policy is an essential part of running an ethical business.


Partnering with Reliable Heavy Equipment Movers Los Angeles

When moving heavy equipment, the process must be safe for the movers, have a low risk of damaging equipment, and be organized to ensure everything will be completed in an efficient timeframe. As such, it is essential to partner with the right professionals.

Three Way Logistics is here to be your ideal partner. As an experienced 3PL provider with reliable moving teams across the country – from our 3PL warehouse California to our locations in Texas and Georgia – we are here to ensure your cargo is relocated safely and swiftly. To learn more about our services, please contact us.