How to Choose The Best Semiconductor Logistics Company in Los Angeles

Logistics Company in Los Angeles

The semiconductor industry plays a vital role in our technology-driven world by designing and manufacturing integrated circuits, transistors, and other electronic devices that support many different industries. Because of their essential role in consumer, commercial, and government circles, every semiconductor company should collaborate with a logistics company in Los Angeles that can organize and support a dynamic, responsive, and productive supply chain.


To Support the Semiconductor Industry, a 3PL Should Have Experience With:


Handling Finished Goods

Your Third Party Logistics provider should have the tools and resources necessary to efficiently move your finished goods from your location to their intended destination. The professionals at freight companies in Los Angeles should customize their operating procedures to ensure that your needs are met and that proper handling occurs at every step. As such, it is best to collaborate with a 3PL that already has extensive experience working in the semiconductor industry.


Managing Raw Materials

Depending on your company’s expertise, there will likely be situations in which raw materials such as silicon, germanium, and gallium arsenide will need to be transported across locations. For this reason, it is important to work with a 3PL provider that thoroughly understands the best practices for loading, moving, and storing these unfinished goods. In addition to having a staff of experienced heavy equipment movers Los Angeles, the provider should also have access to the proper warehousing and storage facilities.


Transporting Chemicals

Your 3PL must understand the proper management required to transport chemicals safely and efficiently. When the drivers and operational staff are hazmat-certified, they will be able to handle the flammable and corrosive tanker-endorsed loads and drums often utilized in the semiconductor industry. These freight companies in Los Angeles should also provide the dry vans, reefers (refrigerated trailers), and other equipment needed to properly load and transport chemicals.


Delivering Capital Tools

The microchips, integrated circuits, and other capital tools manufactured by and utilized in the semiconductor industry have highly specific requirements when it comes to transportation. The drivers and heavy equipment movers Los Angeles at your 3PL should understand the importance of loading and securing this freight properly. They should also use proper safety tools throughout the process, such as shockwatches, tip-n-tells, and climate-controlled trailers.


Managing These Projects

In addition to preparing and managing deliveries in a way that works with the unique needs of the semiconductor industry, your Third Party Logistics provider must offer what you need in terms of project management. With the right team of professionals on staff, your 3PL will keep your supply chain working within an effective budget and timeframe. The freight companies in Los Angeles will also be able to handle any unexpected obstacles. For these reasons in particular, it is important that your provider is highly experienced.


Managing These Projects


In Addition to Industry-Specific Factors, a Logistics Company in Los Angeles Should:


Be Capable and Adaptable

The ideal Third Party Logistics provider will offer all of the services and assets needed to organize and maintain your ideal supply chain. These specialized logistics services include rigging, crating, transportation, warehousing, and more. These expert professionals should offer custom solutions and be capable of adapting those strategies as your company grows and whenever unexpected obstacles arise.


Focus on Safety and Security

A reliable 3PL will consider the safety and security of the companies they assist, the organizations supported by those clients, and the drivers, riggers, and other staff members who make up their team. As such, experienced 3PLs take special care to ensure that everything they work with is managed properly and that safety regulations and guidelines are always strictly adhered to.


Have a Good Reputation

When it comes to creating and maintaining your supply chain, you will have the best results when you partner with a 3PL that works well with your company. Your logistics company in Los Angeles should prioritize their quality of service and the relationships they build with their customers. If a potential provider has a reputation for doing that, it is a good sign that they could be right for your company – especially if they have significant experience in your industry.


Tailored Solutions with Three Way Logistics

At Three Way Logistics, we have collaborated with companies throughout the semiconductor industry since the 1970s, assisting with the transportation and distribution of assets, along with the creation and maintenance of various specialized logistics solutions. Our comprehensive services that support semiconductor companies include warehousing, machinery moving, transportation, tradeshow shipping, and more.

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