Essential Safety Rules for Machinery Riggers Near Me

Machinery Riggers Near Me

When you work with a team of professionals to move your heavy and sensitive assets, you can rest assured that they will be moved with the utmost care. Machinery riggers near me will know the industry standards and safety regulations to ensure your goods are moved safely and efficiently. To ensure all loads are appropriately rigged and moved, machinery riggers must follow these essential rules to protect the equipment and individuals involved.


What Are the Essential Safety Rules that Machinery Moving Companies Must Follow?


Ensure the Equipment Is Working Properly

Equipment can be damaged due to aging, misuse, or improper storage. A qualified individual should thoroughly inspect all technology and equipment before any lifting occurs. Technical issues must not be taken lightly, as a seemingly minor issue can cause a serious accident. It is never worth the risk.


Balance the Load

If the load is not balanced, the crane or other equipment may fall over and harm surrounding structures and people. Heavy equipment movers in Los Angeles should check if there is enough swinging space when moving the load. Likewise, it is essential to determine the crane’s center of gravity and ensure it does not contact the load during the move. These steps should be performed to ensure every load is balanced.


Utilize a Qualified Spotter

Spotters help machinery riggers near me have a clearer view of the load, as they are positioned higher than anyone else and have a better point of view. Spotters should be professionally trained and communicate using appropriate voice and hand signals to help guide others during the move.


Never Lift Above Others

The safety of all individuals is the highest priority to machinery moving companies. Ensuring the area is clear of workers and bystanders before lifting heavy and sensitive equipment is crucial. Likewise, never lift above others, and do not work under a lift suspended in the air.


Work with Professionals

Every person that is on the job site should be professionally trained in all aspects of machinery rigging and lifting. Experts can foresee problems before the lifting begins and strategize the most efficient way to safely lift and move the assets.


Partner with Professionals in Machinery Moving and Rigging

Professionals should be hired to move and rig your heavy and sensitive equipment. They have the knowledge and experience to move equipment according to industry regulations and standards. If you are looking for heavy equipment movers in Los Angeles, look no further than Three Way Logistics.


Why Choose Three Way Logistics?

Our machinery rigging and moving teams create specialized, white-glove approaches to every project, providing tailored solutions to meet the needs of our customers. Likewise, we offer warehouse support, as some projects require storage solutions while a job is completed. We also provide unique transportation capabilities to move your assets, including flatbeds and climate trailers.

If you are interested in any of our logistics solutions, please reach out to us for more information. We would be happy to partner with you on your next project.